Test your skills against Annie Smokely, the sharpest cue in the west!  This game defers from previous versions with its more realistic graphics and a much smarter AI.

Instructions: Strike the cue ball to hit the other balls into the pockets. The stripes player must sink all the stripes, and the solids player must sink all the solids. If you sink the eight ball before your balls are cleared, you lose the game - if you sink it after your balls are cleared, you win. (Stripes and solids are determined by the first ball to be sunk into a pocket, and the first player to sink it.)

Controls: Once the cue appears, tap and hold or click and hold in the direction you would like to hit the ball. The longer you press, the harder the cue will strike. (The cue will only appear on the screen when all of the balls have stopped moving.)

Note: Works best on desktop - though compatible with modern mobile devices, the game will lag a little due to the 3d graphics.

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